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Financial Management

Operational and Pre-grant Assessments

We will review existing operational systems and come up with an implementation plan as well as assess to what extent organizations are ready to manage any grant.

Financial Management Capacity Building

The objective of our capacity building interventions is to help (NPOs) to strengthen their financial management, so that they have sound financial planning and monitoring systems in place, effective controls and check mechanisms and better governance and oversight. This should bring about effective and efficient use of resources to achieve project objectives and making them to be accountable to donors and preparing themselves for long-term financial sustainability.

Fund Management

This involves managing funds in dedicated accounts, processing procurement and payments, regular reporting and ensuring compliance with statutory payments and facilitating the audit of these funds.

Internal audits

Our internal audits assist organisations to function more efficiently and effectively. Stakeholders will obtain assurance that control systems are functional and relevant to the organisations, that they will minimise risk of legal non-compliance; that accounts are maintained properly and that checks and balances are properly implemented. Our audits include internal audits, compliance and projects audits as well as special or forensic audits.

Development of policy and procedure manuals

We work with organisations to ensure that they have in place up to date and comprehensive financial and administrative policies and procedures to facilitate efficient and effective operational management.

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