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Workshop Description


Effective Change Management for the NPO sector -

Date: 15 April, 2021 in

Course Objectives

the course aims to:

  • -Provide participants with a critical understanding of change management in the context of organizational sustainability for non-profit organizations.
  • -Help participants identify and demonstrate comprehensive understanding of how internal and external factors affect organizations and drive the need for continuous change.
  • -Critically appraise the complexity of leading and managing change and crisis within organizational cultures and established systems.
  • -Explore, apply and evaluate the appropriate concepts, tools and strategies which can be employed for effective change management in different organizational environments.
  • -Explain the role internal and external stakeholders play in the process of implementing change in an organization.
  • -Set participants off on a journey of developing bespoke strategies, systems and tools that guarantee effective change management and ensure organizational sustainability.


Expected Course Outcomes

Participants who go through this course are expected to gain 4 core skills and competencies

i.                    Knowledge and Understanding – enhanced appreciation of change management and other related concepts

ii.                 Intellectual skills -  the ability to assimilate and critically, review, analyze and apply concepts

iii.               Practical skills – hands on skills vital for effectively managing change

iv.                Transferable Skills and personal development -  personal skills that can be transferred beyond disciplines and sectors such as information literacy, effective communication, problem solving and business strategy


Course Structure

The course is composed of 7 Modules which can be tailor made into a 12-hour online course. 

MODULE 1: The Change Dilemma

MODULE 2: Conceptualizing Organizational Growth, Development, Sustainability

MODULE 3: Managing Change 

MODULE 4: Change in the Non Profit Sector in Zimbabwe

MODULE 5: How to Manage Change I- Strategic Change  Leadership

MODULE 6: How to Manage Change II- Adaptive systems and processes

MODULE 7: My Organization’s Change  Plan

Dates:       4 to 7 May 2021             Cost:          200USD per participant

Venue:      Online 

Booking:   Contact us on   +263 773 015 746/ +263 4 306 315  or +263 772 216 842, information@kfm.co.zw

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