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A Letter From KFM Consultants' Managing Consultant.

Posted on 18 August, 2020 at 08:14

Dear Friends
Supporting you on your transition back to work during Covid Pandemic

As the Covid pandemic rages on around us we are well aware of the vital work that the Non Profit sector is carrying out in response to an ever increasing need in our communities.

As KFM Consultants we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you are conducting, to share with you what we have been up to during this crisis and to also share a few nuggets that we hope will assist in keeping your staff safe and in ensuring your organization continues to operate.

To safeguard the well being of our staff, families and clients we took early measures to work remotely and to also provide information to both our staff and clients to assist with initial reactions. This saw us facility sessions on Covid preparedness and helping clients with strategies to ensure continued business operations. As the pandemic escalated and the country was put into lockdown we continued to work remotely with clients and also assisted some organizations use this down time to update their policies and procures manuals ad to provide one on one coaching to Executive Directors and Programme Managers.

Prior to the Covid outbreak we had begun the process of designing online workshops and we are happy to have rolled out a number of workshops on Microsoft Office packages to help staff enhance their skills, on Board response to assist with providing leadership in this unchartered terrain and also around financial management and what steps organisations need to do to ensure continued implementation of programmes.
As the lockdowns in different countries become less stringent but the virus continues to infect and affect more around us, we have positioned ourselves to continue assisting organisations with their Covid response and we have also ensured that we are able to continue providing all our normal Financial Management, Governance and Sustainability services to ensure effective programme and operational delivery.  

We have prepared the attached care package (Click here) to share some nuggets that we feel you will find useful in transitioning back to work in an environment that is still not totally safe.   

We would really love to hear from you on how your organization has been affected and what your plans are going forward. If there are any ways in which we can assist with your continuity and survival plans I am available to discuss this with you.  

It is also our hope that you, your staff, families, beneficiaries and other stakeholders stay safe and your  organisations come out of this global crisis even stronger.
Kudzai Midzi
Managing Consultant

NMap Technologies